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Dealing with an injured puppy in a multi-dog household

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Shiba Inu Loki was recently diagnosed with and had surgery to correct Luxating Patella.  According to the vet, he is on light limited duty which essentially means no playing, running, jumping, or anything else puppy may deem as fun.  This is normally easy.  With a single dog household you just take all the dogs toys away and watch to make sure he doesn’t jump on furniture.  With a multi-dog household, however, unbroken dog is going to want to play with broken dog, and broken dog will not realize it is a bad idea until it is too late.

Daria taking her confinement quietly

Unfortunately, crating your dog for a month straight can cause the poor guy to go stir crazy, which is also not desirable.  If your dog starts panicking in his crate, he can do even more damage to his healing joint.   The solution I’ve found is to crate both dogs on alternating schedules; only one dog can be out at a time.  When Daria is crated, Loki is free to be out for a bit (with preconditions of no jumping, running, etc …).  When Loki is crated, Daria can be out.

Its Loki’s turn to be crated.

This gives both dogs a little time out of confinement without risking serious injury.  My highest priority is Loki’s physical healing process,  However I  recommend you take your dogs mental health into account as well whenever you can.  Any injury is a stressful time for a dog and anything you can do to make the process less miserable is a win in my book.

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