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Loki vs the Yellowjackets

Me: Some guard dog you turned out to be, running from a puny little yellow jacket.
Loki: ‘A’ yellow-jacket?
Loki: More like 100 yellow-jackets.
Loki: Lets see you take on 100 yellow jackets with your teeth.
Me: I thought you liked killing tiny things.
Loki: I like killing *tiny* *thing*
Loki: IE: one at a time, not nests at a time.
Me: You could have gotten dari to help.
Dari: Hey, dont drag me into this; you guys are the pack leaders, its your job to protect the pack.
Dari: Call me when you need something pulled.
Me: Actually, I do need something pulled.
Dari: Call me this winter, i’m closed until then.
Dari: Also, bring lots of food, cats are preferred, but I can work for cheese.
Dari: I also aerate lawns.

Categories: Daria, Life, Loki
  1. froztbyte
    July 15, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Daria apparently has a strong liking of cats. This borders on the worrying.

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