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Loki and Daria: The Never Ending Play Session

Everyone welcome the newest member of my quadrupedal family, Daria.   This young Siberian Husky comes from the Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue.  I was honestly not entirely prepared for how hard she can pull; she is an extremely strong animal.  I can see why people used them as draft animals; she was born for it.   Maybe I can foster her love of pulling come winter and train her in bikejouring or something similar.

Loki Giving Daria a Bath

Loki Giving Daria a Bath

It was really a rough day for Loki.  I got him a new car harness from amazon mostly because I did not have room for two crates in my car.  He spent the first half-hour of the car ride sulking because he had some new torture device firmly attached to his body.  Eventually something snapped in his brain and he realized how awesome this was; he can now move around and look out of windows.  This new found freedom instantly caused his tail to go from the down position to firmly up.  Loki, being the curious dog he is decided to explore the limits of his newfound freedom; he tried to climb into the back window.  Since the tether was much too short for that, he promptly got pulled backwards, falling on his rump.

Loki and Daria Taking a Break

Loki and Daria Taking a Break

We all know how well Loki handles new experiences, and this one was no different.  Once we arrived at the rescue to meet the two dogs the rescue thought were a good fit, Loki decided he was scared again.  He goes into panic mode.   We met the first dog, Darling Darla, and no reaction.  The two were essentially oblivious to each other.  I think it was mostly Darla’s lack of energy; she just wanted to relax.  Who can blame her, it was bloody hot outside.  The next dog was a different story.  When Daria arrived, it was a miraculous change in Loki.  He instantly went from being scared crapless, to being confident and happy.  He started to explore; he tried to play (despite the scorching Alabama heat).  I knew at that moment, that Daria was the one for us.  She was friendly, happy, and confident, and these are the exact qualities I needed to help rehabilitate Loki.

Loki and Daria Napping after an 8 Hour Play Session

Loki and Daria Napping after an 8 Hour Play Session

She is very submissive for a Siberian Husky, and Loki is so obviously the dominant one.  She submits to him fast when he gets testy.   I honestly expected to have to keep her crated for most of this week, but it was completely unnecessary.  I do crate her to give them a break, and to let her chew on a bone.  I do not trust them around each other with precious resources; that is the recipe for disaster.   But just to tell you how well they get along, they played *all* day yesterday, and *all* afternoon Saturday.   Daria, being twice Loki’s size, took it easy on him.  I think she did not really want to hurt him, even tho it was well within her power to crush him.

Loki in Full Play Mode

Loki in Full Play Mode

Thus far, she has three major issues that I need to correct before I go into obedience training.   The first one is that she does not know her name.  This is easily remedied, however, and not a big deal.  The second is she is not leash trained.  This is a big deal, and will be a challenge to correct.  She lives to pull; she is alive when she is pulling something.   This is different than Loki.  He pulled because he thought he could get where he wanted by doing so.   She, on the other hand, does it because she loves doing it.  Its like me trying to tell Loki not to stop and sniff dead animals; good luck.   The third is really minor, and expected.  She is having house training issues.  I honestly expected this.  Any time you put a dog in a new house expect them to have accidents.  They were also all my fault.  Once I get used to her cues, this will be better, really.  Its obvious she *was* house trained.  Its just she’s not used to me, and my house.  So it will probably take a week to get this fixed.

Play Play Play

Play Play Play

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  1. July 9, 2012 at 11:59 am

    A front clip Halti harness really helps reduce pulling in huskies. They just can’t help themselves, they were born to pull.
    So glad to see she is doing well.

    • nim
      July 10, 2012 at 9:34 am

      She learns quick, thank god. She is already starting to not pull as hard (so long as there is not a bunny rabbit in front of her anyway). Loki is starting to realize that people are friendly also; he let another strange woman pet him. Daria is very high energy; I wasn’t exactly prepared for how high, but that is fine, and fits my lifestyle. She seriously is an amazing dog.

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