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Couch to 5k

So Loki and Myself started couch to 5k.  I’ve heard that you need to set high goals to succeed in things like this, so I made my goal to successfully get of the couch; I succeeded in that respect.   Shiba’s are supposed to be very athletic dogs.   Like most stereotypes, they only apply to other people (or other people’s dogs), and not ones self.   Loki gets really into it for about 10 minutes and then he goes into “I have to stop to pee” mode every 5 minutes.  I never imagined the dog would be the weakest link here, I actually expected him to be dragging me down the street with excitement; I guess dogs need conditioning also, go figure.

Must ... get ... water ... going ... to ... die

Must … get … water … going … to … die

So at the end of the week, actual, measurable progress has been made.   When day one was over, I felt great, and I continued feeling great until the following morning; I could barely walk.  On day two I could actually pry myself out of bed, and On day three both myself and Loki finished our workout.  Of course after the workout, he crawled into my bed; I had to pry him out with a pry bar to get him into his exercise pen for the day.  The odds of him doing any sort of meaningful exercise –unless you count rolling over in bed as exercise — in it is zero.

Can't ... Move ... Too ... Tired

Can’t … Move … Too … Tired

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