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Loki and Zizou

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

This weekend one of my friends came over with his 5 month old boston terrier.  Zizou, the boston terrier, has way more energy then he needs, which is great for a tireless dog like Loki.  Being curious how Loki would handle having a dog in his territory (which is considerably different to meeting new dogs outside) I decided to schedule some playtime between the two.  Initially things didn’t go very well.  It didn’t go badly, just not well.  Zizou instantly wanted to play and Loki wanted a few minutes to get the ritual butt sniffing out of the way.  Being deprived of his ass sniffing time made Loki nervous, but he quickly got over it.  Unfortunately, by the time Loki was ready to play, Zizou was more interested in raping Loki.  Zizou is a very small dog, and didnt have much success in this endevour as he was left in want of a stepladder.

Before I go any further, I would like to clarify that it was not really a sex thing; it was a clear dominance move on the part of Zizou.  Puppies usually get a pass on things like this, so Loki let it slide even tho you could tell he was visibly annoyed.  Unfortunately, the other dog did not give up easily.  Loki pinned Zizou on the ground and held them there; the mounting stopped after that, and the rest of the play time went smoothly.   I think it is important to let dogs sort out dominance issues themselves, so long as they are not trying to kill each other anyway.  Fights tend to happen when we get in the way.  The only thing i’m concerned about is that both dogs accept that I am higher in the hierarchy then themselves.  Where they are positioned after that is inconsequential.

I am planning to eventually buy another shiba puppy to eventually serve as a playmate for Loki.   This was a very useful experiment to determine how he would deal with an unfamiliar dog in his space, and he handled it well.  Adding a second puppy to the pack should not be a problem.

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